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National Rifle Association

New NRA memberships at 50% off and renewal discounts available through the Club’s NRA Recruiter (email…).






New Member and Member Renewal Discounts



Aside from voting, joining NRA is the most effective way available to most of us to affect the upcoming Congressional elections.  Recruiting new members and maintaining current membership status extends your influence beyond your home state.  It is vitally important that NRA can point to rapidly expanding membership numbers in its dealings with both new candidates as well as incumbent Congressmen and Senators.

Listed below are discounted prices available to Coast Rifle & Pistol Club members, their family, friends and associates..


NOTE: Renewals are automatically credited to the end of your current membership regardless of the transaction date.


            New Annual Member                                                             $ 18

            (includes choice of monthly magazine)


            New Associate Member                                                          $  6

            (no magazine, otherwise same)


            New 3-Year Member                                                              $ 65

            New 5-Year Member                                                              $ 95


            Annual Member Renewal                                                       $ 20


            Distinguished Life Member                                                    $365

            (age 65+ or disabled veteran)


            Regular Life Member                                                              $740


You may join or renew online with NRA however prices will be higher.  For the prices listed above contact John Ohman at 228 324-0414 or (jmoLsu…)  Either way, JOIN NOW.

Entitles CRPC members to participate in direct to consumer sales of US government surplus firearms.

National Skeet Shooting Association


The Mississippi Skeet Shooting Association

A non-profit organizaton for the promotion of skeet shooting both in Mississippi and Nationally.