By John Ohman  expressed to not necessarily represent those of CRPC or NRA


Most if not all of the folks reading this are acquainted with the anti-gun measures being undertaken by some politicians in the name of public health safety (in their personal opinions) have found another way to hide their gun bias and forward their own agendas.  Out of the other side of the mouths of a few are added claims of actually being supporters of the Second Amendment.  Good thing for them that Pinocchio nose thing is fiction otherwise they couldn’t turn around in a corridor (or the stall in a public restroom).  Among those actions are:

  • Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva reenacts an order to close all gun shops (to private citizens) while at the same time releasing 1700 inmates (10% of his prisoners).  He justifies the gun store closures by saying that some citizens with no firearms experience will purchase out of fear and introduce a gun into a household with no experience, creating a situation that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports increases “…fourfold” the chances someone will be shot. 

“Freedom from fear” is a huge factor in the “Pursuit of Happiness.”  I’m skeptical of anything the CDC claims relative to firearms as their anti-gun bias is well documented.  However the situation being described is dangerous but a better solution is education & training.  Difficult, especially in the midst of a pandemic, but Mr. Villanueva is sending an additional 1300 officers onto the streets (because of the 1700 newly released inmates).  Even now training can be accomplished.  But lack of training opportunities for citizens of all ages is what has produced this era of gun safety ignorance.  Here’s hoping the Sheriff will recognize this and, if there’s any truth in his statements, help corrective educational measures, help provide training and shooting opportunities to his voters.  I won’t hold my breath waiting for it.  Governing by fiat, controlling people without being bothered by laws, is apparently a heady and addictive tonic.  Other cases:

  • It’s a fluid situation but as of this writing 8 states have ordered gun store closures while 4 other states are unclear.
  • Pennsylvania Supreme Court upholds governor’s closure order
  • NY suspends pistol permit application process (in most counties)
  • NY orders closure of Remington Arms as non-essential – an outfit that’s provided jobs and revenue to NY for over 200 years.  Gov. Cuomo has been after the company for a long time and is undoubtedly gleeful at giving the company another hit with the stroke of his pen.
  • New Orleans Mayor Latoya Cantrell claims her recent emergency order gives her the right to directly control firearms and the transport of same through HER city.
  • And it goes on…

An initial reaction might be, “Oh well, people can still buy guns online.”  But online purchases have to be sent to a local dealer, one in the buyer’s state (in the case of handguns at least).

There are actions we can take however the quickest and least expensive for most of us is (you guessed it!) join NRA and tell others why they should, too.